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Teresa Ascone

Teresa Ascone

Wasilla, AK


Teresa Ascone portrays her impressions of her beloved Alaska in a distinctive, romanticized style that captures the rugged beauty of the northern landscape and the colorful wonder of its flowers. An award-winning PBS-produced video, Landscapes of the Imagination-The Art of Teresa Ascone, honored her in 1988.

Teaching Watercolor: Teresa has taught art techniques for more than thirty years, traveling throughout Alaska for UAA. Her teaching led to a step-by-step learning method using her book, We're All Artists: Watercolor for Everyone, and The Ultimate Palette, for which she holds a design patent. A second book of watercolor lessons, Painting Pleasure: Adventures in Watercolor, was published later. In 1998, Teresa created UAA’s Ultimate Watercolor Academy for adults who wanted to learn watercolor in a safe, non-threatening atmosphere - a hallmark of her teaching style. The success of the academy and its student art show resulted in her nomination for the UAA 2000 Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Teresa teaches the Watercolor Academy for UAA Continuing Education at the University Center Campus in Anchorage.

Sailing on Cruise Ships: In 2011, a new and wonderful world opened for Teresa as she began teaching watercolor on cruise ships. Using her tried and true methods in a cheerful, fun atmosphere, she has garnered praise from passengers for her step-by-step lessons. Each passenger leaves class with a painting; many have never painted before and are amazed at their own creativity.

Community Contributions: Since 1980, Teresa has volunteered her time and artwork to numerous non-profits and public entities. For 30 years, she not only donated many works of art but served on-air as color commentator and auctioneer on behalf of KAKM Public Television’s annual art auction. She was one of five artists chosen to create a work of art on-air for KAKM’s 10th Anniversary Auction. Over the years, she donated the use of three original works to be reproduced for premium rewards during KAKM’s membership drives. Teresa’s original watercolor, Lavender Green, Lavender Blue, was reproduced as a fundraiser during the 1992 Anchor Arts celebration for the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts. Two of her pieces were reproduced as fundraising prints for Mabel T. Caverly Senior Center and her watercolor, Sunday Drive, was made into posters for the 1988 Alaska Women’s Run.

In October, 1988, the Alaska Women’s Resource Center reproduced her watercolor, New Beginnings, for a fundraiser. That event was transformed into an exciting occasion when two political luminaries, Bella Abzug and Shirley Chisolm, who happened to be in Anchorage to speak at a conference for working women, agreed to sign 100 of the prints, which swiftly sold at a considerably higher premium and raised nearly $10,000 extra for the center.

In recent years, Teresa’s artwork took a whimsical turn with her book, The Berry Fairies of Alaska. A second berry fairy tale, Book 2 ~ Lizzie Scarlet, which received the December 2010 Reviewer's Choice Award at Children's Bookwatch, follows the adventures of the Alaska berry fairies. Both fairy tales are available at takugraphics.com. She has two lines of fabric produced by Robert Kaufman Fabrics: Creatures of the Wild and Creatures of the Wild II.

Teresa maintains a studio space in the Matanuska Valley, where she creates designs for licensing, paints, and practices her passion: wheel thrown pottery.

Artist's Statement

First, last and always, I have been inspired by the spectacular landscape of Alaska. Even when I was a child, the mountains and vast forests fascinated me. The colors, textures and arrangements of nature drew me in. When I started painting I wanted to try to communicate my feelings for Alaska, with its landscape that inspires a deep spirituality and encourages an appreciation of nature at its best.

Once I began to paint, my perceptions of the world around me changed and it was as if I saw everything through a lens of creativity – how would I paint those clouds - that tree - how to make that particular shade of green?

The lure of wielding magic has kept me engaged in the world of art. Yes, magic – because there is something magical about the way a two dimensional object can be created in such a way as to portray three dimensions, attracting the viewer to walk into the realm of the painting. My art continues to evolve and new tools come into play – computer design programs add even more magic to the mix as my pencils and paint become a launching pad into different realms.


Winter Skylights by Teresa Ascone


Breakup II by Teresa Ascone


Sunrise by Teresa Ascone


Loon Love by Teresa Ascone


Entanglements by Teresa Ascone


Snow Patterns by Teresa Ascone


Red Rocks and Spruce by Teresa Ascone


Mountain Silhouette by Teresa Ascone


Rainbow Landscape by Teresa Ascone


Welcome by Teresa Ascone


Sunset Solitaire by Teresa Ascone


Winter Wilderness by Teresa Ascone


Looking Glass by Teresa Ascone


Survivors by Teresa Ascone


Gray Manor by Teresa Ascone


O Beautiful for Spacious Skies by Teresa Ascone


Rocks Along the Glenn by Teresa Ascone


Golden Winter II by Teresa Ascone


Snow and Forest by Teresa Ascone


High Tide by Teresa Ascone


Juneau Mist by Teresa Ascone


Winter Creek by Teresa Ascone


Mighty Cliffs by Teresa Ascone


Spruce with Sunset by Teresa Ascone


New Snow by Teresa Ascone


Denali Night by Teresa Ascone


Distant Mountains by Teresa Ascone


Ghost Forest by Teresa Ascone


Birch Trio II by Teresa Ascone


Morning Fog Southeast Alaska by Teresa Ascone


Autumn Forest II by Teresa Ascone


Overlooking the Lake by Teresa Ascone


Misty Sea by Teresa Ascone


After the Rain Detail by Teresa Ascone


Mighty Mountains by Teresa Ascone


Winter Afternoon by Teresa Ascone


Cliff Cottages with Flag by Teresa Ascone


Pink Sky by Teresa Ascone


Forest by Teresa Ascone


Sunset Shoreline by Teresa Ascone


Misty Trees by Teresa Ascone


Sunrise Spruce by Teresa Ascone


White Tree by Teresa Ascone


Snowy Mountain by Teresa Ascone


Little Trees by Teresa Ascone


Shadows and Stream in Winter by Teresa Ascone


Sky Curtain by Teresa Ascone


Forest and River by Teresa Ascone